Kshititi Nagarkar a M.Arch with majors in Healthcare Design established Shree Designs in 2009. Shree Designs has it’s Design Studio in Bhandup, Mumbai.

With a professional experience of over 20 years, Kshititi has contributed to several construction projects, predominantly in designing and building of Offices, Scientific Facilities and Hospitals.

Shree Designs has chosen to be a mid-size firm so that detailed personal attention can be given to every project.

The client’s active involvement in the design process is welcomed and encouraged. The team works on behalf of the client to obtain best possible services and products from contractors, vendors, and consultants while respecting goals, time frames, and budgets.

After understanding the specific needs of the project, the team responds with solutions that support peak performance, energy efficiency and user satisfaction. The design response is determined by objectives and not by stylistic preconceptions as the firm attempts to provide a balance between functional requirements and aesthetic form derived from the firm’s domain expertise and experience.


We found your work having a high level of creativity, consideration of patient centered care and in adherence to NABH standards, We were also very satisfied with your speed of response. Overall, it has been a pleasant and fruitful association with SHREE DESIGNS and we look forward to working with you in future.

Dr. Sachin Saoji

Saoji Orthopedic Hospital, Aurangabad

Over the last 6 years

We have designed more than 5,00,000 Sq.Ft of Healthcare Spaces in our journey of 6 years