Embracing New Beginnings: Shree Designs’ Journey to a New Office

In an inspiring journey of growth and innovation, Shree Designs, a renowned healthcare architect and design firm, has recently turned over a new leaf by shifting to a brand-new office space. Let us take you behind the scenes of this exciting transition, capturing the essence of the puja ceremony that symbolized the beginning of a transformative chapter while also sharing the heartfelt reactions of our team members. Join us as we explore how Shree Designs has sprouted into a vibrant work environment, nurturing fresh ideas, and cultivating excellence.

From Bud to Blossom

Just like a budding leaf signifies the start of new life, Shree Designs embarked on this remarkable journey due to its exponential growth and the need to accommodate an expanding team. With a vision of nurturing talent and fostering innovation, Shree Designs proudly blossomed, demanding a larger and more dynamic workspace.

With this transition, we hope to create an environment that supports the company’s growth and provides a platform for excellence in healthcare architecture and design

Kshititi Nagarkar, Lead Architect – Shree Designs

Setting the Stage

One of the most memorable moments of the office shift was the auspicious puja ceremony, which was attended by all our team members, family, and well-wishers. The new office space fosters greater team collaboration, productivity, and creativity.

The news of relocating to a new office was met with a mix of excitement and nostalgia at the same time. Perhaps the most important aspect that it brings along with is a brand-new perspective. There is a sense of anticipation in the air as the relocation day is fast approaching. As SD’s new abode is shaping up, Boxes are being filled, and emotions are mixed as 14 years of project files are packed.

Miral Dharod, Architect – Shree Designs

Designing for Success: A Workspace that Inspires

Shree Designs’ new office space embodies a blend of functionality and aesthetics, with thoughtful design elements that promote a great work environment.

The company’s progressive approach to workspace design and culture positions it as an employer of choice. We are committed to providing a supportive and inspiring work environment to foster and support young talent in design.

As the company embraces new beginnings, it remains poised to shape the future of healthcare architecture and design, attracting the brightest mind in the field.