Client’s Vision

Client wanted to set up a newborn care facility having a 9 bedded NICU with radiant warmers and a bassinets along with ancillary facilities such as Consulting Room, Counselling cum Feeding Room and Sterilisation Room. The client’s vision was to create an NABH complaint and an aesthetically appealing facility for babies and their family

Technical Specifications of the Project

Scope of WorkFacility planning for the following spaces.

  • Paediatric Neonatal Clinic
  • Reception and waiting area with separate space for feeding.
  • Counselling Room
  • ICU with bassinet beds with separate area for critical care babies.
  • A scrub bay for ICU
  • Sterilisation room
  • Dry Pantry
Project TeamPrincipal Architect – Ar. Kshititi Nagarkar

Project Head – Ar. Vidhi Shah

Project Team – Ar. Priyanka Dhuri, Nimesh Chauhan

CollaborationsCurativiti – Turnkey Solutions

Our Approach for Executing the Project

Designing a NICU requires consideration of three user groups with very different needs: Infants, Families and Staff. Due to space constraint the idea while designing was to have minimalist interiors focusing on the space planning with highlighting the Focal points. The facility includes ICU designed for 9 beds. In Vinyl flooring pattern curve were introduced to add the flow into the space. Walls were highlighted in form of colourful Cladding. Furniture in basic white and grey combination with highlighter laminate in Green colour which helped in making the space look spacious.

 Salient Features of This Project

  • The Design features include indirect lighting and soothing colors to create a calm setting.
  • Overall, the idea of the simplistic interior highlighting the important spaces.
  • Soothing Wallpaper behind Doctor’s chair in OPD for helping families in stressful situations.
    Design in Floor pattern , highlighter colours in furniture and wall by keeping other areas in light gave a calm ambience.
  • The ICU has been planned as per NABH norms having Portable Air filtration of air for the ICU beds.
    Following Clean room materials has been used in the facility:

    • HGPVC (Anti microbial Wall Cladding) – HGPVC cladding done in ICU Room having Advanced hygienic which is 2.5mm. PVC cladding system that incorporates silver ion antimicrobial technology.
    • Gerflor Vinyl Flooring – Homogenous Vinyl flooring of 2.0 mm thk having features like chemical stain resistant with few VOC’s non-porous surface having water repellent effect.
    • Health Shield Paint : Anti bacterial paint i.e. Asian Paint-Royale Health shield – Royale Aspira is done in the entire facility

Our Achievements through This Project

We have been able to provide “Co-operate” kind of NICU having independent ICU setup Executed during pandemic time.

Clients Testimonial

Being Doctors, both me and my husband always aspired to have a newborn care setup of our own. For this, we always had certain ideas about how our setup should be, and honestly, I would say Shree Designs did a great job at it.
We came in touch with Kshititi in the pre covid time and discussed our project, but with the sudden lockdown everything came to a halt. But within a few months, they were back into work mode, which proved to be a big saviour for us.
As Kshititi is mainly into Healthcare projects, she is quite knowledgeable and was very clear, from the beginning about the pre requisites for an ICU setup. As doctors, we had our set of requirements. And she really put our ideas and her skills at work in our project.
Being a Newborn Care Centre, I wanted a lively but minimalistic interior which has been done really well along with meeting all the needs of the hospital. Also, due to space constraints, we faced many challenges related to HVAC and UPS and all, but Kshititi’s attitude was always very positive and she gave good solutions to achieve all requirements.
All I would say in the end is that, working with Shree Designs team was a good experience, the end result was pretty much as good as what we hoped for, I would strongly recommend her team to anyone looking to setup or design a hospital.

– Dr. Shivani Sanghavi, Neobliss Newborn Care