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Shree Design’s mission is to create healthcare infrastructure for and with our clients with a commitment to achieve our client aspirations through collaboration, integration and excellence.

Though healthcare architecture needs to follow the dictum “form follows function”, each facility / client needs an iconic/ special space to define and implement values and processes they stand for. We believe in creating healthcare projects with and for our clients, thereby bringing out the uniqueness of thoughts, ideas and processes rather than creating universal structures.

Patient-centred care, Flexibility and Modularity are the key parameters of our designs.

  • Modularity in design helps not only to build effectively but also improves operational efficiency of the medical personnel during day-to-day functioning.
  • Flexibility of our structures assists in re-modelling of interiors as per the changing healthcare scenario.
  • Our patient-centred approach to our projects helps create empowering spaces for “care givers” as well as “care receivers“ that help them perform better and heal well.

Over and above, we believe in working and contributing for socio-economic objectives. Recently Shree Designs has been empanelled on prestigious National Health Mission (NHM) of Government of India to build and enhance Healthcare Infrastructure for “Aayushaman Bharat

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Healthcare Space Programming and Planning

This is an effort to capture the scope and the scale of the facility and services mix for hospital planning and designing. The functional requirements are defined in terms of the services to be accommodated potential workload and key operational premises. The purpose of this exercise, apart from defining the functional brief, is to facilitate deliberation towards arriving at concurrence on the operational principles governing the delivery of clinical, diagnostic and support services as these have an important bearing on the programming and hence, on the hospital architecture.
In hospital and healthcare facility design, once a consensus is reached on the ‘Functional Programme’, a schedule of departmental accommodation listing all rooms and functional areas in each healthcare department, together with optimum floor areas based on activity requirements and occupancy levels, are generated which forms the ‘Healthcare Space Programme’.
The Healthcare space planning involves the facility planning and design of the civil component of the Project. The planning for external and internal spaces is done as per healthcare standards of space planning and in accordance with the NABH or JCI norms.
Special attention is given to planning the critical areas like surgical suites and intensive care spaces to maintain unidirectional flow of patients and staff to conserve utmost sterile environments.

Healthcare Infrastructure Consulting

Shree Designs, as a Healthcare Architectural Consultant based out of Mumbai helps to create outstanding healthcare facilities for healthcare providers, owners and clinicians to deliver world-class facilities.
Today ground reality in Mumbai requires adaptive reuse of commercial building and conversions to hospitals is one of the prime shift given the acute shortage of lands to build independent building. As one of the eminent Healthcare Architects and Structural engineers in Mumbai, we perform structural audits to know the real status of old buildings further investigating and highlighting risk areas, critical areas and performing checks whether the building needs immediate attention or not. Structural analysis of the existing framework is carried out by us pin pointing to the weak areas.

Healthcare architectural consultancy includes conducting feasibility studies of plots & shells that suit the healthcare facility well. Our approach is based on an understanding of the changing models of healthcare industry. An enhanced patient experience and a building’s place within its community.
We help our clients to be presented with NABH & JCI accreditation by improving the existing infrastructure or by building a new one. Further assistance is provided by Shree Designs for accreditations, through its associates and this make us the best among all healthcare interior design firms.
Our GREEN hospital architecture design is accomplished in association with IBSC consultancy. Our GREEN hospital architecture design helps our clients capitalize on the relationship between health and physical space in order to streamline operations, enrich the staff and patient experiences and improve outcomes in healthcare delivery. This helps us to prove ourselves as the best healthcare architecture firms in India.

Healthcare Architectural Design

We at Shree Designs believe in putting our heart and soul into the healthcare architectural design & planning for all our projects. Our mapped out processes from ideating to implementation ensure time deliverables with stage-wise sign-offs from stakeholders. On agreement of the layouts and concepts, Specifications for the project are postulated based on which a Bill of Quantity is generated in-order to work out the estimates for the project.
As a part of hospital design, our team diligently works on producing construction details as well as co-ordination of structure and services to ensure smooth implementation at any site across India. Timely visits are made by our team members to check working on site as per the drawings issued.

Healthcare Structural Design

Structural Designs for Healthcare facilities be it Specialty Hospitals or Independent clinics done within commercial spaces need to be planned with special attention to safety standards. The Hospital structure needs to be designed such that it is safe to withstand floods or earthquakes. We understand the critical importance of Hospital buildings and take utmost care with structural design and analysis. The floors / spaces are designed to take special equipment loads like CT machines, Radiotherapy equipment etc. as per the prerequisite. In case of Adaptive re-use buildings we prefer to conduct structural audits to assess the structure and strengthen it suitably.

Healthcare Interior Design

There has been an increasing awareness of creating patient – centred healthcare facilities. Interiors of a healthcare facility play a critical role in providing patient – centred care in any type of facility design for example. Our design team’s goal is to serve the hospital’s patients and their families by creating a vibrant and engaging environment that will allow them to easily navigate the facility, while reducing anxiety and promoting healing.
We believe in the dictum – “God is in the Detail”. While creating vibrant and colourful interiors, we focus on creating simple and neat furniture and spaces which are easy to maintain. The detailing of spaces is such that they are safe for patient as well as staff movements even during emergency situations. We understand that each space in a healthcare facility has its unique function to perform and design the finishing’s accordingly. Few examples are, absolute sterile environments for an OT or an ICU design and home like for recovery and recuperating areas like patient rooms and waiting spaces.

Healthcare Utilities Design

Ventilation System Design

Maintaining good indoor air quality is one of the most important factors in the interior design of Hospitals. We recognize the need to provide thermal comfort for patients during different stages of treatment and recovery. We plan ventilation systems which include both the exchange of air with the outside as well as circulation of air within the building. Low grade indoor air quality can affect patients especially geriatric and paediatric patients with low immunity levels. The processes of ventilation and air-conditioning helps change or replace the air in any space and remove any combination of moisture, odours, smoke, heat, dust, airborne bacteria and carbon dioxide and to replenish with fresh filtered air from the outside. The planning of our HVAC systems provide ventilation, reduce air infiltration and maintain pressure relationships between spaces, which are of critical importance in a healthcare interior design.

Electrical System Design

Continuous reliable and clean electrical energy is required for all the Critical facilities & equipment in a Healthcare facility along with task & emergency lighting, functional and mechanical services to run uninterruptedly – 24 x 7 like which is considered as the most important part of any speciality like eye hospital interior design. Our schemes for the Electrical system for Healthcare facilities are designed to achieve the necessary degree of reliability, durability, maintainability, efficiency and an appropriate economy. We understand the criticality of essential equipment and system needs to be designed to function after fire, lightning or seismic events occur and plan for alternative power supplies employing DG sets, UPS and inverters for essential & emergency load needs. Our system designs are effective and efficient with power factor and harmonics corrected in order to provide uninterrupted clean electrical power. We ensure that the system is free of any transients or surges that may damage the critical medical equipment and also ensure that after installation for facilities provide a means to remove and maintain equipment, and field installed wiring without interruption to critical loads. This is especially critical to monitor current supply to instruments with high sensitivity levels like for Eye Hospitals.

Sanitary Engineering System Design

Water supply and Sanitary systems design is a critical aspect of Healthcare facilities, which are often overlooked. We take keen interest in the subject to ensure that the most important commodity “WATER” is made safe for consumption and usage within the Healthcare facility and is also conserved or recycled to optimize on its usage. Our team studies the land topography to plan for the drainage systems and storm water to guide well for treatment and disposal of waste as also to harvest rain and storm water to be used for the facility. We understand the criticality of the quality of water used for Healthcare facilities and design water filtration and softening systems to ensure smooth operations of the Healthcare systems.

Fire Detection and Protection System Design

Fire Detection and Protection System is the most imperative / essential of the systems which cater to the safety of its inhabitants. These become more-so-critical for Healthcare facilities as it deals with a large number of patients, many who are in ICU and immobile and others who need help to move around. We very well relate to this situation and hence take utmost care to plan for these systems. We also understand that the healthcare facility has a lot of expensive medical equipment which cannot be tampered with and would be damaged in case of exposure to sprinkler water. We thus suggest appropriate fire protection systems as per the functionality of the space. We also help plan for Building Safety Interfaces which allow the fire alarm system to control aspects of the built environment and to prepare the building for fire and to control the spread of smoke fumes and fire by influencing air movement, lighting, process control, human transport and exit.

Healthcare Landscape Design

There has been increasing substantiation that landscapes for revitalization have quantifiable qualities. Physical, social and spiritual characteristics of the landscape correlate to determine the suitability of a landscape for a particular health outcome. Evidence demonstrates that contact with the living world around us is an important part of healing and recovery. The healthcare facilities are more services oriented requiring a host of technical spaces on site like DG’s, MGPS banks, oxygen tanks etc., thus the use of space turn out to be more intense and hence calls for a resilient and sensibly designed open space for every area of landscape design for hospital, including entrances and outdoor waiting spaces. In the hospital exterior design, it is vital to maintain a relation with the character of the site so that the new design blends with its surroundings and the site preserves its character. In India, we often create indoor landscape spaces partially open to the environment to provide a break-out space. It is also important to choose the flora in a manner which are non-allergic and suit the patient for these indoor-outdoor spaces. For example, adding colourful and vibrant plants create a lively atmosphere at entrance lobbies of independent speciality hospitals and waiting spaces of children’s hospitals.

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