Our Services Mantra

Shree Design’s mission is to create projects for and with our clients with a commitment to achieve our client aspirations through collaboration, integration and excellence. This is done for all types of facilities, for example, maternity hospital interior design and dental hospital interior design.

Though healthcare architecture needs to follow the dictum “form follows function”, each facility / client needs an iconic/ special space to define and implement values and processes they stand for.

We believe in creating healthcare projects with and for our clients, thereby bringing out the uniqueness of thoughts, ideas and processes rather than creating universal structures. This is done for various fields like, dental hospital interior design and maternity hospital architecture design.

Patient – centered care, Flexibility and Modularity are the key parameters of our designs.

Modularity in design helps not only to build effectively but also improves operational efficiency of the medical personnel during day-to-day functioning.

Flexibility of our structures assists in re-modeling of interiors as per the changing healthcare scenario.

Our Patient centered approach to our projects helps create empowering spaces for the care – “givers” as well as care – “receivers“ that help them perform better and heal well.







We Believe That Architecture Is Not Only Design But A Continuing Process From Ideation To Implementation