As Shree Designs completes 14 years of changing the landscapes of healthcare infrastructure, I, Kshititi Nagarkar, the Principal Architect of Shree Designs, take pleasure in driving you down the memory lane of our journey and successful milestones, thanks to our invaluable clients, patrons and well-wishers!

We are 10
We are 10

Where It All Started

Back in 1997, when our country turned 50, a lot was discussed about India’s Vision 2020 in the print and television media. Of the many aspects that were out there, ‘Healthcare’ caught my attention and I felt that I could contribute to the same in my own way. I had completed my Bachelor of Architecture and was pursuing Masters Programme at JJ College of Architecture. I promptly chose ‘Healthcare’ as my specialization and dreamt of establishing my own practice, someday.

As a young Architect, I spent my early working years at different architectural firms, both Private and Government. It was in this phase that I learnt a lot about the practical aspects of the profession which came in quite handy when I worked on projects in my own firm.

We are 10

Humble Beginnings

With the aim of providing state-of-the-art and yet economical healthcare facilities to the country, it was my father Shreeniwas’ dream to establish an architectural firm of our own; the dream that I worked towards, under his able guidance. In May 2009, I quit my job and with around 12 years’ experience, I started to devote all my energies into materializing this dream. Shree Designs was born on 24th August 2009. The name ‘Shree’ is in the honour of my father, my guiding star, who left us for heavenly abode just before Shree Designs was established.

We started off Shree Designs as a small team of three. After six months of market research, networking and campaigning, we got our first big architectural project in early 2010. Soon we bagged two more projects, one in Pune and the other in Mumbai. Being a small team, we could dedicate our entire efforts and attention towards the projects in our hands. As a result, we could surpass the clients’ expectations and to their complete satisfaction.

We are 10
We are 10

Stepping Stones

As we took up more projects, we realized that typically large set-ups attracted lot of attention and had no shortfall of service providers. In India, the smaller private set-ups do play a pivotal role in delivering healthcare facilities. However, this was an under-serviced segment and hence, we diverted our focus towards them, in our quest to develop top-class healthcare facilities accessible to one and all.

At Shree Designs, we strongly believe in the dictum ‘Form Follows Function’. Accordingly, every project that we work on is function-personified, mapped and then aesthetically packaged. Gradually, our number of projects has grown along our portfolio of expertise. We are blessed to have completed more than 20 projects of varying footprints in the last decade. The icing on cake is that quite a few of these are cases where our esteemed clients for their subsequent expansions, repeated our services based on their good experiences.

As we look back, it feels like we have just started out and still have a long way to go! Personally, being involved with each project at every stage has given me tremendous practical insights on architecture and keen understanding of various aspects of business. Currently, Shree Designs has marked its presence across many cities within and outside Maharashtra and is looking to grow by leaps and bounds!

Our passion for architecture and strong clientele has us rolling designs and drawings in high numbers. Our motivation to keep delivering our best comes from the instances when the facilities designed by us bag awards and yield praises; and I must admit that we are always motivated! We too got our share of recognition when Interiors & Decor, a reputed publication, featured me as one of Top 50 Women Entrepreneurs. It was truly an honour for Shree Designs.

We are 10
We are 10

Also, owing to our varied expertise in the field of healthcare infrastructure, we got featured in the August’19 edition of the Healthcare Radius magazine with an interview discussing the latest trends in the sector.

Undoubtedly, none of this would have been possible without the sincere perseverance, passion and dedication of our staff along with constant support from our esteemed clients.

We are 10

The Future Looks Bright and We Are Ready

In the past 14 years having established our credentials across segments and locations, we, at Shree Designs, are now enhancing our capabilities to serve our clients even better.

A recent landmark in this regard has been our new Venture of Turnkey Solutions For Healthcare Facilities called “Curativiti“. This fulfils the unmet need of clients of having a ‘One Stop Shop’ to Design and Build their healthcare facilities. During the pandemic, this need emerged even stronger and for the initial projects executed by us, the feedback of clients has been very positive, since it saved their time and energy from all hassles of coordination with multiple agencies.

In coming decade, India is poised to significantly enhance its Healthcare infrastructure and we are looking forward to scaling up by partnering in these projects.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all our well-wishers for being instrumental in Shree Design’s sensational success and look forward to continued patronage of our clients, which motivates us to reach greater heights.

We are 10


"The woods are lovely, dark and deepbut we have promises to keep,and miles to go before we sleep"

-- Robert Frost

We realise that we are 14 years young and we’ve just begun!Onward, Upward, Forward- Together we seek to move