Business Continuity Plan

COVID-19 : Business Continuity Plan

Due to the outbreak of the unprecedented pandemic we at ShreeDesigns are conscious of the prevailing circumstances and are making every attempt to be fully operational harnessing technology and digital tools.
We are taking all possible precautions that are needed to keep our employees, our associates, partners and contractors safe and healthy in adherence of all statutory compliances.
This article attempts to describe our remodelled work ethics...

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Social Distancing - Pharmacy

Social Distancing

Social distancing, a concept that has been around for ages, is one of the most vital measures prescribed for infection control, in the current Coronavirus pandemic situation. This article recommends and highlight changes that must be factored into the designing of healthcare facilities.

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Hospital Ward USSH

Patient-Centred Care and Community Healthcare

Patient-centred care focuses on individual patients’ healthcare needs and desired health related outcomes. Whereas, community healthcare primarily focuses on the protection, maintenance and improvement of a relatively larger group of individual patients. While their definitions make them seem different from each other, their relation is symbiotic and their ultimate goal is the same; patients’ well-being and quick recovery from illnesses. With this article, we would like to cover the important aspects of patient-centred care, keeping community healthcare in perspective.

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Facility Planning & Designing of Upasani Super Speciality Hospital

Upasani Super Speciality Hospital (USSH) is a 60-bedded multi-speciality hospital founded by renowned gynaecologist and obstetrician, Dr Shradhda D Upasani, who has been practicing in Mulund for the past 45 years.

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Thumbrule 597x364 uai

Thumb Rules for Planning and Designing of Hospitals

Traditional rules of thumb in healthcare planning have changed. Once-accepted rules can now be the wrong course to take for healthcare institutions looking to maintain and grow their competitive position in the marketplace.

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