Healthcare Design for Greenfield Projects

Healthcare Design for Greenfield Projects

Setting up a new healthcare centre, hospital, and clinic can be extremely rewarding - personally and professionally. But if you are overwhelmed with the sheer number of things to take care of, don’t worry! You are not alone.

Many of our clients come to us for help navigating the complexities of healthcare design. This article is a concise guide covering the most critical aspects of medical design and construction.

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Patient-Friendly Design for your Healthcare Facility

5 Patient-Friendly Designs for your Healthcare Facility

Healthcare organizations are shifting toward patient-centric design that gain not just patient satisfaction - but also patient DELIGHT!

Our latest blog takes you through a few patient-friendly design trends that work for many healthcare facilities- from hospitals to polyclinics and private consulting areas.

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Essential Design Features for Intensive Care Units

3 Essential Design Features for Intensive Care Units

ICUs are not just limited to single units housing all critical patients. If the facility has independent units for surgery, paediatrics, neonatology, and cardiac diseases, each branch often has its separate ICUs.

Even though different organizations may opt for different ICU outlines, some elements remain constant and should be kept in mind when designing an intensive care unit.

Our latest blog takes you through the essential elements to consider when designing or renovating an ICU for a healthcare organization.

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Lessons Learned While Building a Cardiac Cath Lab

3 Lessons Learned While Building a Cardiac Cath Lab

Cardiac care design is moving at the sound of a new beat! The number of Cath labs in India has grown by almost 100% in 5 years.

Building a super-specialty care department like a cardiac Cath lab is an expensive investment. Here are a few points to consider when designing a cardiac Cath lab with efficient workflows for better patient outcomes.

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Mental Wellbeing through Design

Creativity Cures! How to Boost Mental Wellbeing through Design

Imagine an era of “supportive design” where we cultivate the physical and social environments in healthcare settings to reduce stress and improve patient well-being. Let’s look at several elements that can help change the patient experience with the power of innovative and empathetic design. Here are a few features that make healthcare design both pretty and purposeful.

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Essential Elements of Healthcare Design

5 Essential Elements of Healthcare Design in 2022

Design makes a significant impact on the delivery of care for both healthcare providers and patients. This is why architects and healthcare organizations are coming together to incorporate essential design elements when building their facilities. Here are 5 healthcare design principles that bring great results!

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We are 13

We are 13 Already

As Shree Designs completes 13 years of changing the landscapes of healthcare infrastructure, I, Kshititi Nagarkar, the Principal Architect of Shree Designs, take pleasure in driving you down the memory lane of our journey and successful milestones, thanks to our invaluable clients, patrons and well-wishers!

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Create Healing Spaces for Kids

5 Best Ways to Create Healing Spaces for Kids

Designing spaces in healthcare facilities tailor-made for children is a lesson in balance! A balance between functionality and flexibility, playfulness and serious medical care, comfort and state of the art technology. This article highlights five tips for creating healing spaces for kids in healthcare facilities.

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