Client’s Vision

Founded in 2014, Designer Bodyz aimed to provide comprehensive cosmetic surgery and dermatology services under one roof. Following a successful response, they expanded their facilities to offer an enhanced experience and better results for their clients.

Technical Specifications of the Project

Scope of WorkFacility planning for various spaces, including reception & waiting area, doctor OPD, treatment room, product display, admin & workstation, tele-caller room, pantry, male & female toilets, and signages.
Project TeamPrincipal Architect: Ar. Kshititi Nagarkar
Project Head: Ms. Siddhi Karalkar
Project Team: Ar. Apurva Rajadhyax
Site Engineer: Prachi Gawkadkar

Our Approach for Executing the Project

  • Our goal was to design a healthcare clinic that makes patients feel well-cared for and confident in the quality of care, as the facility’s design reflects the care quality. The clinic features a clean, modern, and minimalist design emphasizing elegance and sophistication.

 Salient Features of This Project

  • Colour Scheme: White walls for cleanliness and spaciousness, with blue and grey accents for contrast.
  • Flooring: Warm-toned wooden flooring adds warmth and a touch of nature.
  • Ceiling: Angular ceiling design introduces architectural interest and complements the modern aesthetic.
  • Lighting: Recessed lighting in the ceiling provides overall illumination while maintaining a clean look.
  • Decor: Abstract artwork or large mirrors on the walls add visual interest and create an illusion of space.
  • Seating: Blue and grey accent pillows tie in with the colour scheme and add comfort to the seating area.

Our Achievements through This Project

By integrating these design elements, we created a welcoming and stylish cosmetic clinic that reflects a commitment to modernity, comfort, and professionalism.