Client’s Vision

The client’s vision was to design a healthcare facility with luxurious interiors that align with the clinic’s branding and vision. We were tasked with facility planning, interior design, MEP design, and turnkey contracting for different floors of the speciality hospital. The client trusted our ability to complete the hospital renovation while adhering to strict protocols during the coronavirus pandemic.

Technical Specifications of the Project

Scope of WorkFacility planning for the following spaces:

8th Floor:

  • Twin rooms
  • Single rooms
  • Reception area

4th Floor:

  • ICU
  • OT
  • Doctor’s changing room
  • TSSU (Theatre Sterile Supply Unit)

Additional work includes assistance in site selection, facility planning, architectural designing, interior designing, MEP services, and execution assistance.

Project TeamPrincipal Architect: Ar. Kshititi Nagarkar
Project Head: Ar. Siddhi KaralkarProject Architect: Ar. Miral DharodProject Team: Ar. Siddhi Chavan, Ar. Jay PasadSite Engineer: Hrishikesh Phadtare

Our Approach for Executing the Project

4th Floor:

  • This floor was dedicated to creating an operation theatre (OT) and an ICU for patients, along with a TSSU for the entire facility.
  • The OT was designed with sterile conditions, using healthcare-grade conductive homogeneous vinyl for the flooring and sterile cladding material for walls.
  • The facility has quick entry and exit points to maintain sterile conditions with minimal interior looks, providing the right environment for the OT.
  • The modern automated sensor sliding door for the OT ensures safety by preventing collisions and maintaining hygiene by reducing the need for touching door handles, minimizing the spread of germs and bacteria.

8th Floor:

  • This floor was dedicated to creating single and twin rooms for patients.
  • The rooms are designed to provide a premium look and feel.
  • The nurse station in the central corridor serves as a point of contact for patients and their families, enhancing communication and promoting patient satisfaction.

 Salient Features of This Project

  • The interiors were designed to reflect the clinic’s branding through colour schemes and minimalism.
  • Spacious rooms and reception areas were designed while accommodating all technical requirements.
  • Successful turnkey execution was achieved during the challenging pandemic times.

Our Achievements through This Project

We completed a spacious, luxurious, and well-executed turnkey project during the pandemic, adhering to the client’s requirements and timelines while following all safety protocols. This project underscores our expertise in delivering high-quality healthcare facilities under challenging conditions.