Client’s Vision

Cancer remains one of the most formidable health challenges globally, with its incidence steadily rising. To combat this disease, the establishment of an SSO Hospital branch in Nagpur, in collaboration with Shankara Hospital, marks a significant milestone in enhancing cancer care services.

This venture represents a concerted effort to bring advanced medical expertise and cutting-edge technology closer to patients, improving treatment outcomes and patient experiences. In this project, we used healthcare design principles to ensure a functional and aesthetically pleasing environment for patients and staff.

Technical Specifications of the Project

Scope of WorkFacility planning for the following spaces:

  • One Doctor OPD
  • Dressing Room
  • Reception & Waiting Area
  • 5 Single Rooms with En-suite Bathrooms
  • 1 Triple Sharing Room with En-suite Bathroom
  • 1 Twin Sharing Room with En-suite Bathroom
  • Nurse Station

Other areas of work include assistance in facility planning, interior designing, MEP design, and execution assistance.

Project TeamPrincipal Architect: Ar. Kshititi Nagarkar

Project Head: Ar. Apurva Rajadhyax

Project Team: Ar. Akansha Jamdade


Our Approach for Executing the Project

From site selection to technical decisions, design, and handover, our involvement achieved the client’s vision of creating a patient-centred facility. Our active participation helped the client develop healthcare facilities in different cities.

Our team followed a comprehensive hospital design plan to seamlessly integrate various departments and facilities within the available space.

 Salient Features of This Project

In line with evidence-based healthcare design, the facility incorporates features known to enhance patient recovery and satisfaction.

  • OPD Section: This section features a doctor’s cabin, a waiting area with spacious sofa seating for patient comfort, reception, and a temple at the entrance.
  • Modern Design: The OPD is creatively designed with a modern touch and dynamic look, using the latest materials like baffle ceilings and designer wall finishes.
  • Patient Privacy: This includes a private dressing room, separate entries for IPD and OPD with vision glass double doors, and an OPD entry with glass doors with privacy film.
  • Healing Ambiance: The interiors use pastel colours to boost patient healing and create a calming ambience. Unique material selections make for a statement look.
  • IPD Section: This section contains various room categories—single rooms, twin rooms, and triple-sharing rooms—with a centralized nurse station.
  • Nurse Stations: Are located at intervals to facilitate quick patient access, and wide corridors allow barrier-free patient movement.
  • Branding: Incorporation of the new SSO logo and signage.

Our Achievements through This Project

The major achievement was designing and executing the facility in collaboration with the Shankara Hospital Nagpur team. The design was executed exactly as visualised during the conceptual stage, without compromising material quality and finishes. The hospital’s interior design focused on creating a calming and healing atmosphere, using pastel colours and modern materials. The site was handed over per the timelines, considering all necessary protocols.