Client’s Vision

Client requirements involved a set up with multiple facilities like 2 Operation Theatres, Single and Twin Room ICU and Ancillary facilities. The client’s vision was creating an aesthetically appealing patient centered care facility which is our firm’s ideology which became a common ground for the whole team involved in the project.

Technical Specifications of the Project

Scope of WorkFacility planning for the following spaces.

  • Doctor’s OPD
  • 5 Single Patient Rooms with en-suite bathrooms
  • 3 Twin Patient Rooms en-suite bathrooms
  • 5 bedded ICU with 2 beds in Isolation Rooms
  • Waiting spaces
  • Nurse’s Stations & OT Control
  • Sterile Zone with Scrub
  • A Major Operation Theatre
  • A Minor Operation Theatre
  • Theatre Sterile Supply Unit (TSSU)
  • Utility zone with Change Rooms and Doctors Resting rooms

Other areas of work include assistance in site selection, facility planning, architectural designing, interior designing, MEP services and assistance, execution assistance

Project TeamPrincipal Architect – Ar. Kshititi Nagarkar

Project Head – Ar. Priyanka Dhuri

Project Team – Ar. Vidhi Shah, Mayur Gandhi


Our Approach for Executing the Project

The client’s vision of creating patient centered surgical oncology facility was achieved by involving right from site selection to Technical decision to design and handover. Our active involvement helped in altering norms for approval of Nursing Homes on higher floors in Commercial buildings which not only helped the client but will also be helpful for healthcare sectors in the city. Client’s vision of introducing automation was also taken into account during execution. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, execution was a challenging task for the client as well as the project team, however client’s timelines were duly considered and the execution process was organized in a way to deliver on time while following all COVID-19 protocols.

 Salient Features of This Project

  • Wide corridor for barrier free patient movement.
  • Nurse station at intervals to facilitate quick reach out to Patients.
  • Operation Theatres designed with highest standards of Hygiene using required technology like HEPA Filters.
  • Pastels colours used in Interiors to boost patient healing and achieve a calming ambience.
  • Spacious Seating spaces in the corridor for patient comfort
  • BMS / Automation technology used for ease of patient & staff use.
  • Handover is the estimated timelines, amidst restrictions and limited labour working at one time while following COVID-19 protocols to avoid spread of the virus.

Our Achievements through This Project

As the project was executed during the pandemic times with lockdown restrictions, the major achievement was the design was executed exactly as visualized during conceptual stage, without compromising on material quality / finishes, as well as handing over the site as per timelines considering all the protocols that were needed to be followed by the team.